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Bundle - 5 Items: Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash + Race Glaze Polish & Sealant + Race Glaze Trim & Leather Renewer + 3 pk Microfiber Towels + 2 pk Applicator Pads

Bundle - 5 Items: Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash + Race Glaze Polish & Sealant + Race Glaze Trim & Leather Renewer + 3 pk Microfiber Towels + 2 pk Applicator Pads

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Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash is simply the finest vehicle wash available anywhere at any price. This hyper concentrate is very economical to use for washing autos, trucks, aircraft and boats.
  • Concentrated - 1 cap per wash pail.
  • Dense foam even in hard water.
  • No-streak rinsing.
  • Biodegradable, naturally.
  • Pleasant, fresh coconut fragrance.
Race Glaze Polish & Sealant is three products in one bottle. A cleaner to remove tar, tree sap, stains and pollutants. A micro fine leveling agent to level and remove fine scratches and blemishes on clear coats (and dead paint on single stage finishes). A durable yet breathable clear poly/acrylic protective coating. It protects against fading, acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants.
Fast an easy to use.

  • Deep "glass like" gloss.
  • A breathable barrier on fresh paints.
  • Protects against fading and acid rain.
  • Safe for hand or machine buffing.
Race Glaze Trim & Leather Renewer is a fortified, easy to apply cream. It cleans, restores, beautifies and protects all in one easy application. This formula treats vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber. It dries without leaving an oily or slippery residue. The light cream formula actually restores lost elastomers and plasticizers. Non-spray application eliminates messy overspray onto adjacent surfaces.
Cleans light soils safely and easily.
  • No "oily" surface, just a natural luster.
  • Has an anti-static additive to repel dust.
  • Resists UV damage to vinyl, leather, or rubber.
  • Restores vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Ultra absorbent, super gentle, premium cloths for cleaning and polishing without chemicals. Ultra-fine fibers act like dirt magnets to clean and polish fine finishes, glass, polished and plated metals, lenses, electronics, appliances and furniture. Safe for most surfaces. Machine washable. Advanced-technology microfibers are hundreds of times smaller than a human hair. They have thousands of small fibers which lift and carry dirt particles away from fine surfaces. The fibers are knitted into thousands of loops in a cloth that is ultra absorbent, easily absorbing many times its weight in fluids. Available in multiple sizes to address different tasks.

Terry Applicator Pads are great for smooth and consistent application of waxes, stains, polishes and protectants. Easy to use and reusable. Hand washable in soapy water. Size: 5" diameter Material: White cotton cover over foam pad

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