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Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash,  Race Glaze Polish & Gloss Highlighter Bundle

Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash, Race Glaze Polish & Gloss Highlighter Bundle

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Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash is simply the finest vehicle wash available anywhere at any price. This hyper concentrate is very economical to use for washing autos, trucks, aircraft and boats.
  • Concentrated - 1 cap per wash pail.
  • Dense foam even in hard water.
  • No-streak rinsing.
  • Biodegradable, naturally.
  • Pleasant, fresh coconut fragrance.

Race Glaze Polish & Sealant is three products in one bottle.  A cleaner to remove tar, tree sap, stains and pollutants.  A micro fine leveling agent to level and remove fine scratches and blemishes on clear coats (and dead paint on single stage finishes). A durable yet breathable clear poly/acrylic protective coating.  It protects against fading, acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants.
  • Fast an easy to use.
  • Deep "glass like" gloss.
  • A breathable barrier on fresh paints.
  • Protects against fading and acid rain.
  • Safe for hand or machine buffing.

Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter is formulated to enhance gloss and protection between Race Glaze polishings.  This is the ideal mist and wipe "quick detailer".  It can be used on paint, vinyl trim, glass or chrome surfaces  Use regularly to "quick-dust" and give your vehicle a "just-polished" feel and look.

  • Ideal for quick dust removal.
  • Cleans, shines and protects.
  • Quick application-just spray and wipe.
  • Will not scratch or streak.
  • Body shop safe - no silicone or wax.


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